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The work presented on this website is merely representative of my work.

Please contact me on gmail at rwmsn56 to find out more.

Artist statement

In my photographic work, I look for the telling details of things or, alternatively, try to find a point of view that makes them mysterious, on the verge of the unknown. The world presents an endless stream of visual information and an important element of making photographs is to structure perception of it through the discipline of the camera frame. 

Light is what photography is all about. Many of my photographs explore the multifarious ways in which light and surfaces interact, especially when the light is filtered and the surfaces somehow distort the light falling on them. In fact, the quality of light can be more important than what it is illuminating. My photography tends toward the abstract. Even when the things contained within the frame are recognizable, to whatever extent, what is often most interesting to me is the play of shapes and lines, volumes and light. 

Art helps us understand being. In my work, I aim to discover the meaning enfolded in the world.


Born and raised in Wisconsin, photography has played some role in my life since around age 10, when my parents gave me a simple 120-format camera. After a period of several years in my teens when I concentrated on painting and visual art, I had my first serious bout with photography in the mid-1970s. At that point in time, I used a Richoflex 120-format twin-lens reflex camera, learned basic B&W darkroom techniques, and began serious study of the history of photography. 

From the late 1970s, I concentrated on music scholarship, eventually earning a doctorate in musicology and then working as an editor at an academic music publisher. In the mid 2000s, I switched to librarianship and currently work as a music librarian. During most of that time, I practiced photography mainly as an adjunct to raising a family, with a series of 35mm point-and-shoot cameras. 

In 2003, I purchased a 35mm film SLR and that was the beginning of the revival of my interest in photography. In late 2008, it was time to join the digital age, and I moved to a digital SLR. My progress was immediate and steep with the feedback provided by the LCD screen and the ability to shoot as much as needed for little or no cost. 

Most importantly, over time, my aesthetic sense has been sharpened, my visual sense honed, so that making photographs has become more important than taking them. Technique and vision are converging. 

My photographs have been accepted into juried exhibits and a work of mine was awarded second prize at the Seven State Juried Photography Exhibit, sponsored by CPM and juried by Sam Abell, in September 2012. In addition, I have participated in several un-juried exhibits, had works included in publications, made two books of my work using Blurb, and numerous photos have been used from my Flickr stream on various blogs and websites. I also maintain a photography blog, Imag(in)ing Light.

Learning is a process, with which I am constantly occupied. The result is that my technique, eye, and aesthetic sense are engaged in steady refinement.


The work presented on this website is representative of my work, but hardly exhaustive. All work is available for purchase in various formats as given in the price list or by special order through contacting me directly. Please feel free to contact me on gmail at rwmsn56

While my work is currently oriented toward personal artistic projects, I am always ready to consider proposals for commercial work, especially related to music and musicians, artists, or various types of thematic or conceptual topics. I am interested in exploring artistic portraiture. .

Juried Exhibits

September to November 2014. “Of Midwest, By Midwest” at Overture Center of the Arts, Madison, Wisconsin. PhotoMidwest Festival 2014. Juried by Wally Mason. Two photographs accepted

February to October 2014: Reflections: Madison exhibit at Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, Wisconsin. Juried by David Wells.

14 September to 30 October 2012: "triptych" awarded second prize at the Seven State Juried Photography Exhibit, sponsored by Center for Photography at Madison and juried by Sam Abell, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union, Porter Butts and Class of 1925 Galleries. 

2 January to 27 February 2011: All three of my submissions accepted for the "Branch, Leaf, Blossom Photographic Exhibition," sponsored by Center for Photography at Madison, at the Steinhauer Trust Gallery of the UW-Madison Arboretum.

Invitational Exhibits

3 March to 22 April 2016: After the end of the world: memories of popular culture. Playhouse Gallery, Overture Center, Madison, Wis., in conjunction with the play "Mr. Burns," presented by Forward Theater Company.


Signs of protest: Madison, Wisconsin—2011–2012. Madison: Center for Photography at Madison (2012): 61. [I also did the design and production for this publication.] 

Capture Wisconsin. Piedmont (2011): 44. Frontline (ISSN 1322-2945), v. 17 (2009 Sept.): 19.